TAT Day 18

Posted: July 25, 2010 in TAT

We started out the day with a reroute due to a mine blocking our trail. We had to run US 50 for about 13 miles to get back to the trail. By the time we had hit 30 miles for the day, Ben and Chris had both crashed in the sandy, rutted out “road”. This road seemed like it was designed to crash bikes. Deep sandy ruts not much wider than the bikes tires. You would have to get on the gas to make it through the sand, then you’d get some random traction and be thrown out of the rut. One bad spot got Ben . He was doing about 40 mph at the time. This crash pretty much destroyed his rack beyond repair. I think Chris is going to have to carry one of Bens boxes until Port Orford. Chis wiped out going pretty slow in some soft stuff so no damage besides a bent shifter lever. Today was a short day, we were in our motel by 2 pm or so.




  1. Notar520 says:

    Silt beds bite.

    Racks, think simple and stout, look to Dirtbagz as an example, and for the ultimate toughness think Giant loop 🙂 It’s even MaverickChick approved. Panniers on the TAT, it seems it’s always tough love.

    Nevada Needs to be endured.

    Your setup looks to still be in tack Travis, Rock on.

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