TAT Day 17

Posted: July 25, 2010 in TAT

Today was an expensive and frustrating day for me. I had two crashes. The first was in some deep sand. This crash ripped one of the straps out of my right side saddle bag. I didn’t know it at the time, but during the crash I must have also hit the latch on the Pelican case that held my iPhone. About 12 miles after the crash, when we got out of the difficult section, I noticed that my phone was gone. We all rode back and looked for it, which cost us at least an hour of daylight, but it was gone. It’s either buried in the Nevada sand or it flew off the trail somewhere. The second crash happened when I came over the top of a hill, I saw some big rocks, a big metal pipe, and a muddy spot. I was going too fast to miss all of it, so I chose to avoid the rocks, hit the pipe and go over the mud. Unfortunately, the mud was much much deeper and stickier than it looked. I hit it going at least 20 mph and it grabbed my front tire and held. I did a Superman over the handlebars, hit the ground and I think rolled right back up onto my feet. I wish I’d had the helmet cam going for this one. At least I got all the others. Chris also went down over a hill. Everyone was OK, but we had wasted a good bit of daylight and our energy was sapped. We stopped at our lunch stop at around 5 pm. After eating, we decided we needed to stick to the pavement for the rest of the day so we wouldn’t get stuck in the hills after dark. Chris and I rode into the little town of Eureka, NV and got a drink and found some wi-fi. We are camping at an RV park tonight.






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