TAT Day 11

Posted: July 16, 2010 in TAT

Today we rode from Trinidad to Salida. We had some of the most beautiful scenery yet as we started through the mountains. We got up above 11000 feet today. Surprisingly my bike ran ok at altitude with only a bit of power loss and an occasional backfire. Maybe I won’t need to rejet.

Today was not without excitement. I got ANOTHER fence staple in my back tire which punctured my tube in four places. And I pinched the tube after patching it up, so on went the spare tube. Then as we were in sight of Salida, Ben lagged behind Chris and I, coasting down the hill taking video. Chris and I reached the bottom and waited but Ben didn’t show. So we said “oh crap” and turned around. About a mile later we came around the corner and saw a pickup stopped at an angle in a corner. Oh crap indeed. I cut my engine and heard Ben yell “I just got in a head-on collision”. Luckily it wasn’t bad. Ben had a few cuts and will have a few bruises. His DR took a bit of damage. The forks are tweaked and his front rim is bent.

So we may be spending some extra time here in Colorado before we can move on.


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