TAT Day 6

Posted: July 11, 2010 in TAT

We had some great riding today. It had rained yesterday so the dust was not anywhere near as bad as it had been the last few days. The gravel roads were not deep gravel, and we could travel them at a very brisk pace. We crossed over the Ozarks, through some of the most scenic roads yet. When we did hit pavement it was the fun twisty variety. We did get caught in one thunderstorm. It lasted long enough to soak through the crotch of my “waterproof” pants. After the storm we continued to quickly cover miles and make up time until Ben took a spill and damaged his luggage rack and subframe. Luckily Mike noticed a farmer welding his fence a few miles down the road. He let us use his tools and welder to repair Bens bike. We had to set up camp in the dark, but as a consolation prize we get to ride Warloop tomorrow. We heard from Paul yesterday. He said his leg was hurting him too much to continue. He is currently riding back through the Appalachians so he can swap his thumper for a larger bike and start a new ride. Good luck, have fun, and be safe Paul!


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