TAT Day 5

Posted: July 11, 2010 in TAT

More tire trouble today. The rear was fine this morning and seemed ok for about the first 100 miles. Then it suddenly went flat. We pulled it off and filled it with air but couldn’t find a leak. We put the tube back in and it appeared to be holding air. About 10 miles later it was flat again. We thought maybe the valve core was leaking so I replaced with a new one. Five miles later it was low again. It was frustrating that it would hold air when sitting still but then quickly lose pressure when riding. At this point I was done with it and looked for the nearest shop. Luckily there happened to be a place a few miles away, just off of our route. I dropped the bike off and we went to grab some BBQ. When we returned we found that the shop had also had some trouble and they were trying tube number two. We checked out some of the old bikes they had out back for salvage. I also bought a spare rear tube and some new goggles since the pair I brought was collecting dust between the double lenses. We got back on the trail around 6 in some moderately heavy rain. We made it a few more miles but decided to turn back to Beebe, Arkansas to find some lodging before it got too dark. We will probably try to make up the lost time tomorrow.

  1. Mike says:

    great idea with the pic of the gps we were wondering how far you’ve gone so far!

    does that scruff on your face hold bugs?

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