TAT Day 3

Posted: July 8, 2010 in TAT

Another 200+ mile day brings us to the Tn Ms border. We hit the slippery water crossings today and I was the lucky one who got to take a swim. Its been said many times, and I knew their reputation, but those crossings are something you need to experience to understand. Ben got a good photo, and I had my helmet cam on, so look forward to those.

We heard from Paul today. His X-rays checked out ok and it seems like he may be able to rejoin us.

The DRZ is running great. I’m very happy with the bike and how its setup so far. Thank you to the members of rufcutriders.com and advrider.com who helped me with preparing the bike.

The only photo I got with my phone today was of my nutritious dinner.

  1. Mellow D says:

    Healthy Tav, I asked you to eat some veggies…..

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